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Nucleus Investments

"Nothing is more expensive

than a missed opportunity"


Nucleus Investment is a private investment firm that aggregates capital from select individual investors to fund targeted niche projects. We provide individuals with access to a professionally managed and assessed portfolio, which they cannot access on their own. Our focus presently is on a gold porphyry project that has been in operation for over 14 years and is asset-based. The opportunity for exponential growth is significant!


Our chief goal is to develop this project to its full potential, increase equity and profitability, and ultimately list the mine on one of the major mining stock markets (TSX, TSXV, ASX).

We eagerly anticipate discovering additional similar opportunities in the future.



We take a medium-term approach to investing and focus on operational or strategic changes to increase a company's value over the quickest time.

Capital Structure


We aim to maximize the returns to our investors, but also aim to decrease the level of risk associated with the investments.



We allow buy backs and selling between the various raises and stages, pending on conditions

Exit Strategies


Our goal is to realize returns over the shortest period of time for our investors through various exit strategies, including but not limited to selling to strategic buyers, conducting initial public offerings (IPOs), or selling to other private equity firms.


Here are some of our key investment strategies

​Our team consists of in-house and outsourced specialists who:

  • Perform due diligence.

  • Assess feasibility and risk.

  • Audit information and project data.

  • Structure and promote the project.

  • Manage audits and regularly report to investors and governing bodies.

Nucleus Investments strictly adheres to all rules and regulations of the SEC, legal and financial reporting requirements, and the governing laws of the mining sector.



Ayelet  Friedberg

Dedicated and results-driven with over 25 years of experience in multiple industries and countries.

- Analysed feasibility and risk management to support strategic decision-making and mitigate potential financial challenges.

- Developed and implemented financial strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure efficient and effective financial operations across diverse international environments.

- Managed budgeting process and monitored financial performance, identifying opportunities for cost savings and revenue enhancement.

- Oversaw financial forecasting and planning activities to support business growth and investment decisions in a multinational context.

- Coordinated with external auditors and regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

​Chief Geologist

Steve Fellows

Steve is a porphyry deposit expert with more than 12 years of experience.


Steve has planned and managed extensive exploration and drill programs, overseeing multiple contractors, and managing large geologic teams of up to 12 members at once. Mr. Fellows is a published scientist with his papers published in leading peer-reviewed journals.


He is certified and trained in mineral resource estimation and project valuation. Mr Fellows has been an expert contributor with top geologic engineering firms including, SRK, Snowden, AMC, and GRE. He was also a tenure track professor teaching courses in geology, economic geology, mineralogy, and igneous petrology in both the USA and Canada.


Steve is an active member of the Society of Mining Engineers, Society of Economic Geologists, American Mineralogical Society, and PDAC


​Here are some of our key investment strategies


Legal Services

​Financial Services and reporting



Nucleus Investments

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