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​1. Current Gold Porphyry Deposit

Current drilling results : 2.23 million gold ounces 

Average grade : 0.5-0.8g/t

After 15 years of exploration and significant investment by the family office, the most crucial factor has been solidified: the location of the porphyry and its potential deposit size.

The value of mines is determined by the size of the deposit; the more that is confirmed through drilling, the greater the equity and valuation.

This mine has already proven 2.23 million gold ounces in drillings, but, as shown in the diagram below, we have barely begun to uncover the true extent of the deposit size.


2. Understanding a porphyry

What is a gold porphyry?


Porphyry gold–copper deposits are well-understood large-volume, low-grade mineral deposits formed by the precipitation of primary gold and secondary copper minerals from fluids of magmatic origin. Porphyry deposits become Tier 1 gold mines - deposits that create major industry excitement, provide mining longevity, and establish major global mining districts.

Porphyry Deposits Value


In the case of gold-copper porphyry deposits, their extensive size, polymetallic nature, decades-long mine lives and high production rates rank them as one of the world's most valuable deposit types.

How many golds porphyry is in the world currently?


Gold-rich porphyries are essentially represented by seven of the largest gold deposits in the world and contain nearly 60% of the gold found in porphyries globally.

3. Land Acquisition & Unexplored Potential

A total of 8000 acres have been acquired.

Only 200 acres have been partially explored to a shallow depth.

Our team gathering ore to the R&D processing  plant

9. Current Valuation

Current Market Value : $300m USD

Current drilled gold deposit results:

(Prior Series A Raise)

2.23 million ounces

$4.46 billion

Copper and other derivate metals are not included .

 gold is in 24Ct pure form and is quoted in troy ounces

Method 1 :

Evaluation by resources 

​A mine's value is determined by the size and grade of the metal deposit, which is assessed through exploration. Mining is a precise science, and the law prohibits making claims that are not scientifically proven. The closer drill holes and samples are to each other,  the more accurate the mineral resource estimation. The metal deposit is evaluated in terms of pure metal rather than ore. There is no room for guesswork or assumptions. The value of the mine is based on the quantity of indicated, inferred, and measured resources it holds which represent different level of confidence in the data based on sample spacing. It fetches a fixed index price of approximately 5% to 40% of the current metal market price. This value increases depending on the proximity of the company to production, akin to buyers committing to future contracts . ​ Factors such as LOM ( Life of mine)  increases the demand of the project. Our current deposit is 2.23 million troy ounces of gold, not including copper and other metal derivatives.

Method 2 :

Evaluating by discounting future profits

This method operates in a similar manner to futures, where the producer sells their goods before production at a significant discount.


The discount rate is approximately 70%.

Gold price per Oz:           

Drilled Metal deposit:        



Profit EBITDA: 


Market Production cost $1250 (2 YR average 

Inc operational ,management and royalties)

Our production cost is much leaner

2,230,000 Oz

 $4,46 b 

$2,78 b

$1,68 b

​7. R&D Processing plant

Each gold porphyry is unique and requires it's own method of milling/refining to optimize recoveries of gold and other key elements. All by-product metals, such as copper and molybdenum, are obtained at no additional cost as part of the gold processing, providing a credit to the mine.


Our state-of-the-art research and development processing plant provides guidance on the refining methods. Recovery of gold is at 80%, a complete recovery report is available for all primary and secondary metals.

4. Location : Utah, USA

A Strong Mining Community

Home to 5 porphyries of different metals 

Utah has a 150+ year history of active mining with important economic deposits being located in each of the 29 counties. Utah is home to one of the original and largest copper porphyry deposits (Bingham Canyon operated by Kennecott and Rio Tinto ).


Utah is a top ranked mining jurisdiction by the Frasier Institute and is known for a government that supports and assists mining companies with various laws and programs.


Utah is hosted within the USA which is a safe geopolitical local for mining operations.

Project History

A little exciting history about our property.

The project is located in the Mount Ellen quadrangle, the most northerly  peak of the Henry Mountain chain, found in southeast Utah within the Colorado Plateau.

In 1889 a pair of prospectors discovered  large gold deposits on our land, setting off a small gold rush, and Eagle City was soon developed which the legendary Butch Cassidy's wild bunch were known to visit. The old mine that is on our property, reached 300 foot (91 m) depth with an extremely high grade of gold/ton but was abandoned in 1911 due to the first world war. 

​5. Water Rights

7million liters / day

The mine possesses its own water source located on our land and holds a permit for water rights. Mining operations typically necessitate a substantial amount of water, which is usually outsourced by other mines.


The mine has drilled 10 water wells that yield an impressive 7 million liters per day!

Not only do we have sufficient water for mining, but we could also consider the potential for selling it.

​6. Mineral Resources

​While the primary focus is on mining gold, the deposit also contains other significant economic elements The cost of mining is primarily based on extracting gold, with the extraction of the other associated metals /elements considered to be complementary.

Primary : Gold 

Secondary : Rhenium, tellurium, cobalt, sulphur, manganese, and iron.

Other key metals/elements :

Silver, copper and molybdenum

​8. Privately Owned and Funded

The mining project began in 2009.


The founders possess 95% ownership of the project, while the remaining 5% is held by minority stakeholders.

The home office have entirely funded the project, and currently holds no bank or third-party loans.


10. Infrastructure in place

  • Roads

  • Railway

  • Fuel Stations

  • Drainage

  • Drilling and other permits 

  • Environmental certificates

  • Water rights

11. Eco Friendly Mining

The mining project is dedicated to environmentally friendly programs that aim to conserve nature.

​12. Reports and site visitation

  • All investors are welcome to visit the site and the data room, which contains sample results and GPS coordinates. The GPS coordinates are provided to facilitate auditing by major players to ensure the authenticity and verifiability of the results.

  • The majority of the available reports are compiled by globally recognized third-party specialists.

Land Acquisition 

8000 acre of patented and SITLA Leases


Roads, fuel stations, draining, permits, water rights and environmental certificates

R&D Processing plant

Crushing and processing

R&D plant

Current Drilling Results 

2.23 million gold oz 

Advanced Exploration

76 holes and 15,500m drilled on only 200 of 8000 acres


excavation vehicles, and equipment

2 Undergroung Adits

1.8km of an underground research


 All reorts are prepared by 3rd party world known companies

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